8 Tips To Get Your Home CNY-Ready!

8 Tips To Get Your Home CNY-Ready!

Eleven days left till Chinese New Year! If you have not started spring-cleaning your home, do not fret! Follow these 8 tips to get your house CNY-ready and squeaky clean in no time!

#1 – Create a checklist

Include all areas of your home that needs cleaning in your checklist, as well as the tools and equipments you would need. Tick items off the list as you complete each one, and don’t forget to reward yourself with short breaks in between.

#2 – Prep your tools and equipments

Dusters, gloves, garbage bags, detergent, vacuum machine, and much more, get all the tools that you need ready and nearby. When you have everything you need where you know it, your life can definitely be a lot easier.

#3 – Divide and conquer

If you think you can finish cleaning the entire house in a day, you’re most probably wrong. Instead of stressing yourself out for not being able to finish cleaning, you should just focus on one small area before moving on to the next. The saying goes, ‘success is a series of small wins’.

#4 – Be merciless and throw unwanted stuff away

Follow the Marie Kondo way and throw out whatever that does not spark joy; if you haven’t touch a particular item at all in the last six months, most probably the way to go is the rubbish bin. If items are still rather new, you can consider selling it off or donating it; your trash might be someone else’s treasure.

#5 – Clean floors last

In the chaotic midst of cleaning the house, your floors will surely get caked over with dust and dirt from the walls and ceilings. So do the wise thing and leave your floors to be cleaned last, after everything else is completely done and dusted.

#6 – Declutter cabinets and under the beds

During spring-cleaning, remember to clean out your fridge, cabinets and under the beds as well! Do not simply sweep the matter under the carpet and locked behind closed doors. A cluttered space is a cluttered mind, and that is surely not what you want in the new year.

#7 – Redecorate and refresh

After cleaning out all your clutter, you can now start brightening up your home, as it is a fresh canvas. Decorate your couch with cosy pillows, hang up mood-uplifting curtains, and swap out old doormats for cheerful new ones. Open up windows and let the light in, for Chinese New Year is just around the corner.

#8 – Enjoy yourself!

Even if cleaning the house is not exactly your idea of fun, you can still enjoy the whole process! Put on your favourite playlist and groove to the music while you work. Snack on your favourite food during breaks to fuel up for the next task on your list. Create your own fun!

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