Corporate Social Responsibility

At Platinum Victory, we are driven by our aspiration to create magical moments.

While we strive for progress, we are dedicated to give back to society through several pillars of long-term initiatives. Together with our employees, we believe that social responsibility and sustainability are essential elements for long-term value creation as well as to create a positive impact on the community. As a responsible corporate citizen, we continue to actively embrace sustainability and remain committed to social responsibility practices, demonstrated through employee volunteerism and a range of programmes mainly in the areas of environment, social welfare and education.


Beyond building sustainable developments, safeguarding the environment is one of our business’s core principles. With growing awareness and concerns on environmental issues, we are devoted to promoting green initiatives to reduce the environmental impact with the involvement and efforts of the employees of the Group collectively.


As a community-centric developer, Platinum Victory constantly engages with our surrounding communities by making positive contributions to the society. We lend our yearly support to the social welfare sectorsthrough community-based charities and programmes. We strongly believe by channelling our efforts together, it will make a difference to enrich the lives of the underprivileged.


Education is vital in improving quality of life and to produce young talents who are the future leaders of our nation. We offer financial aid to needy students, as well as support the less fortunate across all the board, regardless of race, gender identity, background social standing or creed.

Apart from this, Platinum Victory offers internship programmes to students from higher education institutions, where they gain industry knowledge as well as valuable and real work-life experience.