Development Area: 4.75 Acres
Land Title: Commercial Strata
Land Tenure: Freehold
Service Apartment
Project Completion: -
Total Units: 1,028 units
Price: RM 1,081,000
Development Area: 4.75 Acres
Land Title: Commercial Strata
Land Tenure: Freehold
Service Apartment
Expected Project Completion: -
Nos of Block: 1 Block
Total Units: 1,028 units
Selling Price From: RM 1,081,000
Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
560 sqft – 2,455 sqft

Victory Suites is strategically located in the Central Business District (CBD) of Kuala Lumpur, with landmarks such as the Petronas Twin Tower and KL Tower just a stone’s throw away. Surrounded by tourist hotspots, greeneries, and luxurious shopping complexes, Victory Suites is comfortable and convenience all packaged into one in the city of Kuala Lumpur.

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    Medan Tuanku Station 500m

    Shopping & Entertainment Centres

    Quill City Mall 500m
    Asian Heritage Row 550m
    Petronas Twin Tower 1.1km
    Suria KLCC 1.1km
    Avenue K 1.4km
    Pavilion KL 1.4km
    KL Tower 1.8km
    StarHill Gallery 2.0km
    Farenheit 88​​ 2.0km

    Commercial Building

    SME Bank 350m
    CIMB Bank 1.6km
    HSBC Bank 1.6km
    Bank Of China 1.7km


    Hospital Kuala Lumpur 1.4km
    HSC Medical Centre 2.4km
    IJN (Natioal Heart Institute) 2.6km
    Tung Shin Hospital 2.7km
    KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital 4.7km


    Universiti of Kuala Lumpur 350m
    University Tun Abdul Razak 2.1km
    Eton House 2.5km
    KL International Kids Club 3.3km
    Sayfol International School 3.5km
    Asian School of Business 5.2km
    International School of KL 5.6km

    Common Facilities
    Infinity Pool

    *Developer’s Licence No. : 11699-2/08-2019/02605(L) Validity Period : 14/8/2018 – 13/08/2019 *Advertising Permit No. : 11699-2/11-2019/03078(P) Validity Period : 02/11/2018 – 01/11/2019 *Land Tenure : Freehold *Land Encumbrances : Nil *Expected Date Of Completion : December 2020 *Building Plan Approval Authority : Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur Reference No. : (19) dlm. BP T3 OSC 2017 3656 *Type/Built-up Area/Balance Unit : Type A/560 sq.ft./36 units (RM1.2m – RM1,213,000); Type A1/560 sq.ft./36 units (RM1.2m – RM1,213,000); Type A1M2/560 sq.ft/48 units (RM1.214,000 – RM1,227,000); Type AM2/560 sq.ft/48 units (RM1.214,000 – RM1,227,000); Type B/650 sq.ft/12 units (RM1.348,000 – RM1,361,000); Type B1/650 sq.ft/26 units (RM1.348,000 – RM1,361,000); Type B1M2/650 sq.ft/8 units (RM1.362,000 – RM1,375,000); Type B2/650 sq.ft/7 units (RM1.348,000 – RM1,361,000); Type BM2/650 sq.ft/8 units (RM1.362,000 – RM1,375,000); Type C/455 sq.ft/18 units (RM1.036,000 – RM1,049,000); Type C1/455 sq.ft/12 units (RM1.036,000 – RM1,049,000); Type D1M2/550 sq.ft/22 units (RM1.194,000 – RM1,207,000); Type DM2/550 sq.ft/14 units (RM1.204,000 – RM1,215,000); Type E1M2/560 sq.ft/15 units (RM1.214,000 – RM1,227,000); Type EM2/560 sq.ft/22 units (RM1.214,000 – RM1,227,000); Type F/775 sq.ft/7 units (RM1.519,000 – RM1,532,000); Type FH/1185 sq.ft/14 units (RM2,231,000 – RM2,331,000); Type FM/775 sq.ft/8 units (RM1.533,000 – RM1,546,000); Type G1H/1130 sq.ft/39 units (RM2,124,000 – RM2,244,000); Type GH/1130 sq.ft/35 units (RM2,124,000 – RM2,244,000); Type H1H/1100 sq.ft/38 units (RM2,068,000 – RM2,218,000); Type HH/1100 sq.ft/23 units (RM2,068,000 – RM2,188,000); Type J/1185 sq.ft/8 units (RM2,278,000 – RM2,291,000); Type JH/1195 sq.ft/12 units (RM2,279,000 – RM2,414,000); Type JM/1195 sq.ft/8 units (RM2,728,000 – RM2,741,000); Type K/1625 sq.ft/8 units (RM3,092,000 – RM3,105,000); Type KH/1625 sq.ft/13 units (RM3,075,000 – RM3,210,000); Type KM/1625 sq.ft/8 units (RM3,674,000 – RM3,687,000); Type L/775 sq.ft/7 units (RM1.472,000 – RM1,572,000); Type LH/775 sq.ft/5 units (RM1.519,000 – RM1,532,000); Type LM/775 sq.ft/8 units (RM1.528,000 – RM1,541,000); Type M/1150 sq.ft/8 units (RM2,208,000 – RM2,221,000); Type MH/1215 sq.ft/12 units (RM2,286,000 – RM2,386,000); Type MM/1150 sq.ft/8 units (RM2,222,000 – RM2,235,000); Type NH/1150 sq.ft/4 units (RM2,196,000 – RM2,316,000); Type PH/2455 sq.ft/1 units (RM4,736,000 – RM4,746,000) *Bumiputra Discount : 5% *Type Of Property : SOHO *Balance units : 606 units


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